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Complex Apparel LLC is an unbound creative conglomerate of distinguished clothing brands. Established in 2003, Complex Clothing started as a custom clothing line formed by David J Castro II and David Reshard Wallace. The duo met during their tenure at Florida A & M University’s school of architecture, where they sparked an immediate friendship and discovered that they both shared a love for art, music and fashion.

Complex Apparel was born predominantly out of necessity; created as an economical fashion statement comprised of hand painted T-Shirt designs worn solely by the twosome. The Davids soon realized however, that they had developed a passion for the trade and its creative essence. It wasn’t long before the unique, statement making pieces, began to spark the interests of their colleagues as well. It took even less time for the line, which was conceptualized as an outward expression of the pair’s grief about being broke college students, to morph into a phenomenon which led them on their journey to build a fashion empire.

Soon the partners began taking orders, and armed with iron on transfers, acrylic paint and fabric paint they began what would eventually become a T-shirt revolution which continued throughout their college careers. The early sale of the merchandise not only gave them an outlet to express themselves artistically, but also generated additional income to offset some of their college expenses.

The Davids completed their tertiary education, and in the Spring of 2006, moved their modest operation to South Florida where their talents were tested in the real world. A failed venture involving flag painted T-shirts sold from a booth at Miami Carnival proved a major eye opener for the duo who, learned to adapt quickly, leaving behind the original hand painted designs to focus on mass production.

In 2007, the official corporation Complex Clothing LLC was formed. The company was re-branded in 2009 as Complex Apparel LLC and, the name Complex Apparel is no longer connected to any one brand. The focus transitioned to one of a larger caliper and the potential of the company was realized. Since 2003 the brand has expanded into three lines; Dungeon Forward, Two Hundred Forty Two, and Delilah Johnson (By Delilah Johnson). They opened their first boutique styled store in Freeport Bahamas in August of 2009 and February 2010 marked the opening of their Miami Headquarters.

Complex Apparel remains a creative entity unparalleled in the clothing industry; with an ingrained design methodology which focuses on representing the varied cultures which exist among their demographic.

If one is able defines his own fashion, then he or she can truly gain the ultimate creative expression which is why our motto is “Be Different, Be Unique, Be You”